8.2 Setting channels as Master channels and editing channels

In the FRF Data module, select the desired dataset in the FRF Data card, and open the Channel Mapping card; the channels (and reference channels) of this selected FRF data will be displayed in the left table of the Channel Mapping card. Simply select the desired channels (using the CTRL and SHIFT keys as needed) in the left table and drag them to the right table to set them as Master Channels. If this step is performed correctly, the corresponding rows for the selected channels will turn green in both the left table (selected dataset channels) and right table (Master channels). Numbers will also appear in the “Mapped to” column in the left-hand table containing channels for the selected dataset.

Next, one must define the channel type for each of the Master Channels. The channel type is set by right clicking on one (or several) of them à Set Channel Type and selecting the correct type. The different types of channels are explained in the table in 8.3 Mapping channels. If DIRAC is used for the FRF tests, these channel types can already be set in the DIRAC file and imported directly into SOURCE.

Master channels’ position and direction can also be edited. The channel card can be toggled to edit mode in which channels can be edited simply typing with the keyboard.

Channel mapping card containing: (left) channels of the selected dataset and (right) master channels

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