6.3 Reviewing operational data

In the Graphs card, the 2D and waterfall plots are visualized. In this card it is also possible to play back audio and create segments.

Plotting operational data

Operational data can be plotted in either 2D (time or spectrum) or waterfall plots. To plot them, right click on the operational data of interest, select “Plot” and choose the type of graph desired. The plots will appear in the Graphs card on the right. For additional information and tips on plotting, see the section on 4 Plotting.

Multiple operational data can be plotted in the same panel if they are of the same type (time series or frequency blocks). This is done by dragging and dropping one operational file onto an existing plot in the Graphs card. If multiple operational data are selected while plotting, the plots will appear in the Graphs card in separate panels.

If the data has only been imported but not yet loaded, then plotting the data will automatically load it as well.

Audio playback

In the Graphs card it is also possible to play the audio of your operational data. To do so, right click on the curve in the plot and select “Play back channel”. The playback cursor will appear, as illustrated in the figure below. Press the green Play button in the upper toolbar of the Graphs card to play it; within this toolbar you can also pause, stop, or change the volume of the playback. It is also possible to drag the playback cursor to the left and right within the plot to play the audio at a different instance in time.

Audio playback in the Operational Data module

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