5.1 Module Overview

The Project module contains information about where your projects are stored: repositories. SOURCE works by pointing to your large data files and loading them on command, rather than actually storing all the data within your SOURCE project. Thus, it is important to know the paths where the data is stored; this can be managed using repositories. Repositories allow a user to “name” a specific location where data exists – this allows different users to store data in different locations but with the same repository names, making it easier to share projects between colleagues.

At present this module is only used for repositories, but in the future this module will facilitate working with big datasets and combining data from different test setups (using tags to label operational data, components, test assemblies, etc.).

Overview of Project Module

Adding and managing repositories

To set up a repository, click the plus button on the right of the Project Information card.  Fill in the desired Repository ID and Path for the new repository. Typically, there will be one repository specifying the location of operational data and one repository specifying the location of FRF data.

If the repositories have been set up correctly, then after loading data into the Operational Data and FRF Data modules, the repository names will be displayed as part of the Path in the Details card, e.g. “<Repository Operational>\Run1\header.atfx”.

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