4.4 Data averaging

By channel / row

If multiple channels are plotted on the same graph, you can set the type of averaging that is used to plot this data. By default, no averaging will be used. If you click on the channel name in the plot title, the type of averaging will be displayed below the channel list (set to “All” by default). The channel averaging can be changed to mean, maximum, etc. An interesting option is also “Norm”, which allows to easily show the vector norm of X, Y and Z directions of a single sensor.


By data block / column

Within the Analyze module, we also have the option to set the averaging that is used for viewing several data blocks. Similar to the channel averaging, one can set the data block averaging by clicking on the block name in the plot title, and selecting the type of averaging in the drop-down menu below the channel list, as shown in the right side of Figure 4‑3. The block averaging can be changed to mean, maximum, etc.

Figure 4-3: Example plotting selection for (left) channels and (right) data blocks.

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