2.1 Modules & campaigns

The SOURCE user interface is orientated around modules. Modules can be seen as the currently shown page within SOURCE. They are accessible through the tabs on the top bar. For a description of each module, refer to their respective chapters:

The Project Module is optiohttp://SRC-figure-2-1nally used for project management, the Operational Data and FRF Data Modules are used for importing the respective data types, and the actual analysis is done in the Analyze Module. See the flowchart in Figure 2‑1 that summarizes the typical workflow with respect to the specific modules.

The FRF measurements can either be done using DIRAC or other FRF testing software, but several advantages come with using DIRAC in combination with SOURCE, as described throughout this manual. Similarly, the operational data can either be collected using the PAK MKII or another data acquisition system.

Figure 2-1: Workflow of source characterization and TPA in SOURCE

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