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BenchmarkingBlocked ForcesVirtual Point

Before performing a transfer path analysis (TPA), the engineer needs to think about the right modeling of the source’s interface with the receiver. In practice, the vibration transfer from the source to the receiver is often modeled with three translational forces in each connection point. Mechanically this corresponds to a ball joint connection, which cannot transfer any moments. This study compares different complexities of interface descriptions on the industrial example of an electro-magnetic roll control (ERC) in a passenger car.

01 September 2020

BenchmarkingBlocked ForcesTransfer Path AnalysisVirtual Point

Due to the lack of masking noise from combustion engines in electric vehicles, the noise of auxiliary components is becoming a relevant topic. One of these components is the electric refrigerant compressor (ERC). This paper addresses the airborne sound transmission of the compressor, using the methods of component-based transfer path analysis (TPA).

01 November 2019

BenchmarkingBlocked ForcesTransfer Path AnalysisVirtual Point

This paper presents a practical study on popular Experimental Dynamic Substructuring topics. A series of substructures is designed of such complexity to fit in right between “real life” structures and “academic” structures.

01 January 2017

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