Frequency Based Substructuring (FBS)

VIBES uses Frequency Based Substructuring (FBS) to build up the transfer path of complex systems. FBS is the most versatile and cost-effective method for early-phase NVH engineering, as it uses FRF descriptions of subsystems which can be obtained in a variety ways. Vehicle chassis parts can be modelled numerically using standard FE simulation, whereas FRF models of complex active components (such as engines and mechatronic parts) are obtained by test-based modelling using DIRAC. Noise transfer functions (to the driver’s ears) are inserted with the same ease, and can be interchanged to simulate for different vehicle platforms. Finally. the mounts and bushings that connect the subsystems together are inserted in the substructuring procedure as dynamic stiffnesses. As the whole vibration chain is built up modularly, one can now optimize for new designs in a completely virtual way – long before any physical prototype is available!

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