5.2 Unique software solution: SOURCE

SOURCE is a dedicated software application for blocked force source characterization and component TPA. It generates high-quality and traceable blocked force and TPA calculations, an intuitive workflow and multi-leveled quality checks throughout the measurement.

Source Characterization (SC) and Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) are two highly popular topics in sound & vibration engineering, as they enable a modular NVH approach. Accurate characterization of active sources, typically by Blocked Forces, requires a clear and robust workflow with quality checks at each and every step.

SOURCE is the software application that enables you to do all of this. All variants of SC and TPA have been implemented in one intuitive application, designed from a clear vision towards high-quality and traceable source and TPA calculations.

Results and insights generated by SOURCE fit perfectly in current CAE simulations, allowing to solve critical NVH aspects in an early phase of product development.

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