3.4 A modular way of working

We believe that a modular “component-based” way of working with open data standards (such as the ASAM-ODS ATFX-format) allows engineers to work most efficiently on challenging topics.

  • Using component-based TPA (a modular way of working), engineers obtain modular descriptions of individual components, with Blocked Forces being the independent quantities describing the active vibrations of the active source systems.
  • Using Frequency Based Substructuring, component descriptions are combined to predict the behaviour of a full vehicle in a modular way. To further reduce costs, engineers can even combine measured and simulated component models, enabled by the Virtual Point method.
  • For active vibration sources, such as e-compressors in electric cars, the Blocked Force approach allows to predict sound levels in a car using a measurement of the active component at a supplier. Two ISO standards are currently proposed for this topic, of which the methods are already implemented in our software.

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