2.2 Why use Virtual Points?

A truly modular engineering approach requires exact and well defined interfaces between components. Using traditional (software) products, engineers are not able to perform measurements within the interface between two components. Our unique Virtual Point Transformation changes this:

  • Measurement data is transformed as if it were measured at the exact interface location.
  • It allows to measure FRFs in 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) including rotations, rather than only translations in 3-DoF.
  • At higher frequencies, e.g. generated by electric drivelines, rotational degrees of freedom are crucial to include because they can have a high contribution in the overall transfer and resulting sound levels.

Accurate and reliable Virtual Point FRFs created with DIRAC are key to successful sound & vibration engineering and are crucial to perform advanced analyses such as Dynamic Substructuring or Blocked Force source characterization.

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