1.2 Why use a new method?

Improving the design of sound & vibrations

The VIBES Methodology allows engineers to couple measured FRFs with simulated FRFs. Engineers are able to use powerful hybrid modeling and simulation strategies with significant improvement in quality of sound and vibration prediction of complex products. Late-phase sound and vibration troubleshooting is avoided, fewer iterative design cycles are needed, saving time and resources. All in all making reliable full-vehicle models available earlier in the development process. VIBES.technology is the expert in the modular characterization of sound & vibration for automotive and high-tech industries. We are leading experts in:

  • Test-based modeling – obtaining FRF models from test, compatible with FE models
  • Source characterization – blocked force descriptions for active components
  • Dynamic substructuring – combining multiple component FRF models to build up a system

The VIBES Methodology combines all technologies mentioned above and with it, VIBES’ engineers are improving the reliability, time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sound & vibration R&D.

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