2.4 DIRAC v3.0

DIRAC v3.0.3.0

25 May 2021


  • To prevent a potential overflow issue on some MK2 systems, DIRAC does not push the serial numbers of the sensors anymore.
  • An issue was fixed where one could not map sensors after a re-connection of the MK2.


DIRAC v3.0.2.0

21 May 2021


  • Support for importing FRF and coherence data from MAT-files that are exported from HEAD acoustics. The MAT-files should contain the customary “shdf” structure.
  • Released restriction in import campaigns to have a matching number of channels and reference channels throughout different imported files. This now allows having FRF matrices that are partially zero, in the case that not all channels and reference channels match.


  • Matrix presets in Analyze can now be edited again by right-clicking on them and choosing one of the options to edit, delete or duplicate.

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