2.4 DIRAC v3.1

DIRAC v3.1.6

17 October 2021


  • The speed of calculation and use of memory has been improved.
  • An issue was addressed where units were not correctly shown for rotational FRFs.


DIRAC v3.1.5

01 October 2021

Support for CHS42x module for the MK2
Support was added for the CHS42x module on an MK2. This new module can measure in both ICP and charge mode. One can change the mode by setting the channel mode in the DAQ wizard and pushing these settings to the DAQ.

Bulk-replacing data in an Import Campaign
When working with a so-called Import Campaign to import FRF data from ATFX, MAT, or DIRAC format, it is now possible to bulk-replace datasets and leave the channel mapping intact.

Upgrades to the VIBES License Manager
Several issues have been addressed to improve the useability and stability.

  • The connection to a Cloud Licensing Server (CLS) will now work properly on the first start when working behind a proxy server.
  • An issue was resolved where borrowed licenses may disappear for a certain amount of days.
  • When using different CLS servers for various products, the License Manager now correctly shows the one you are currently connected to. It also prohibits returning licenses to the wrong CLS server.
  • More user feedback has been added to inform on any connection errors.
  • A yellow or red color now highlights soon-to-expire licenses.

DIRAC manual to online VIBES Academy page
The manual is now replaced by a link to the new online VIBES Academy page.


DIRAC v3.1.0.0

28 July 2021

Version 3.1 adds new features in the so-called imported campaign, i.e. campaigns that use pre-measured FRF data.

Important note before installing
Before installing version 3.1, make sure to push back any server or network licenses that you have currently borrowed. This version includes an update on the VIBES License Manager; this now uses the lower-case Window login name in the user identification key. This user identification key is now shown on the top-right of the VIBES License Manager.

Project version upgrade
Projects saved in DIRAC 3.1 can not be opened in older versions. Please advise other users to upgrade to this version if you are sharing DIRAC project files.

Import campaign
The Data wizard in the import campaign has been improved to provide a quicker experience in mapping sensors/excitations with imported channels and reference channels.

  • The tables on the right side can be sorted and filtered on all present columns. When dragging multiple channels from the left side, this sorting is respected. This might help in certain scenarios where sorting of channels hinders quick matching and information in, for instance, the description displays a more accurate representation of the ordering on your DAQ.
  • Right-clicking on the tables on the left, you have an option to auto-map the channels. This will look for unique name matches between the selected channels on the left (DIRAC) side and the unmapped channels on the right (data) side. If needed, one could already specify the desired channel names in PrepareList Mode to ensure name matches.
  • As odd as may sound, you can now also import from DIRAC project files. If you drop in a DIRAC project, you will get access to the predefined matrix presets, e.g. Measured, VP and All. This can be useful for roving sensor setups, where one DIRAC measurement project contains half of the channels and another project the second half.

Other changes:

  • The excitation source channels, i.e. the channels used for your impact hammer(s), are now also shown in the sensor channel list in PrepareList Mode.
  • Several fixes in UI inconsistencies.

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