2.4 COUPLE v1.1

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14 November 2022

Libraries use relative paths

COUPLE libraries now use a relative path when referring to datasets. Users are now able to:

  • Use a common library that is in a shared location (library and data).
  • Share a library by packaging the library, together with the data files, in a .zip file.

Activate/deactivate DoFs

Users can now activate/deactivate the Degrees of Freedom (DoFs) of links between components. When clicking a link, users can now see a check box next to each DoF in the inspector. Toggling this checkbox will toggle that specific DoF.

Show DoFs

The user now has the ability to see how many shared DoF there are between two linked interfaces.

Other changes

  • When importing components, users can assign different icons from a set list. These icons will show in the library.
  • COUPLE is now able to inform the user when unsaved changes have been made to the project. This can be seen as an asterisk (*) after the file name in the title bar.

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