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New Tech Program – Special offer

New Tech Program

Special offer: discover the benefits of a modular NVH approach for your application with DIRAC!

DIRAC is a crucial extension to your current way-of-working. DIRAC enhances the process and quality of FRF measurements while reducing overall time spent in the lab, preparing and post-processing.
We now offer introduction packages at a reduced price, for you to experience this modular NVH approach with DIRAC. With a compact and intensive measurement campaign, we will together create a test-based model of a component or vehicle of your choosing.


  1. You obtain a ready-to-use high-quality dataset, compatible with your current analysis software including nodal FRFs with translational and rotational DoFs and multi-kHz validity!
  2. You experience the full potential of DIRAC for test-based modelling and you obtain a 90-days license period for evaluation of DIRAC!
  3. You will learn all ins & outs of this modular NVH approach: VIBES experts will work with you during the campaign and the program includes a full-day expert training.
  4. We take care of the organisation and preparation of hardware and software.

Offer details can be found here. The New Tech Program offers are available until 1 July 2019, so make sure to get in-touch soon!

Optionally: we can arrange a Müller-BBM PAK MK2-gen2 measurement system equipped with 48 ICP channels, 12 accelerometers for the time of measurement

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